Right Person Wrong Time

I loved you when you held my hands
I loved you when you smiled at me
I loved you when you hugged me
I loved you when you played with my hair
I loved the way you talked to me
I loved the way you stare at me

I love you but I can’t
I love you but I shouldn’t
If only we’d met in the future
When we are mature enough
And I believe if it’s meant to be
You’ll find your way back to me..

The Rain

It is raining
Reminds me that the earth is sad
And it is okay for us to be sad too
It is okay not to be okay all the time

The good part is rain doesn’t last forever
It happens to our sadness too
Just hold on
Things are getting better in the end

“ And he will come to us like the rain, Like the spring rain watering the earth.”

Hosea 6:3



I am deeply thankful and blessed.

God has been so sooo good to me. He lifted me up at my lowest. I believe that His love never fails. I feel like I’ve failed him many times and yet He’s always there for me, knowing all my weaknesses.

Grateful for those who always have my back. Grateful for those who always support me to do greater things. Grateful for those who always believe in me when I don’t believe in myself. Words can’t describe how grateful I am.

This year has taught me well to appreciate every little things in life and taught me many ways how to cope with hard times.

Thankful. Always.

Fades away

Does love fade away? 
What makes it fade away?
Love should grow stronger
As the time passes by
Doesn't it?

Why? Does it not endless?
That was what I believe
Until I saw with my own eyes
When you miss the memories then the person
When you feel lonely with the person
When you put your ego first
Rather than saying sorry
Does love fade away?

It does..

Have faith

So far, I’m doing well this year. I’m trying to be better and better. Even though sometimes I do feel tired with everything. For I believe, God always helps me in every situation. He always put us in a situation we can handle. I believe God has made every step in my life, so what happens in our life that’s because of Him. All I can do is doing my best and always seek in Him. Have faith since He has made everything beautiful in its time✨

” Have faith in God,” Jesus answered -Mark 11:22

Even in our darkest, He becomes the light in our path. He won’t let us through it all alone. Don’t ever feel that we through it alone because we’re not, He’s always with us and help us by sending people that matter to us. Family, best friends, soul mate, God sent these beloved people for some reasons. In the end, we won’t be worrying about anything but surrender it all to Him.


It can be beautiful, it can be hurtful.

If only it's easy for us
If only it's as simple as that
Expressing our feelings
Isn't it beautiful..
Without worrying what others think about it
Without worrying we might get hurt from it

If only it's easy to erase
If only it's easy to control
Understanding our own
No one will get hurt from it
No one will suffer from it